The average player is worth approximately $900 in "Net-Wins" to the casino. We pass along 25% right to you simply for your continued support. You stand to make roughly $225 for each player you send our way. No overhead! No Hassles! Our program cannot be beat.
You make 25% of the NET REVENUE for every client you bring in. NET REVENUE = NET WIN- FREE BONUS AMOUNT. For example, say a player purchases $500 in casino chips, we give the player $100 as a FREE BONUS AMOUNT. If the player were to lose $400 and withdraw $200, the NET REVENUE is calculated as follows: NET REVENUE= $400-$100=$300 You automatically receive 25% of NET REVENUE, for an average of $225 per player you send our way.
Our philosophy can be summed up in one word. TEAMWORK. We understand the power behind word of mouth advertising and High Roller Casino will be happy to add you to our team.
Once you send High Roller Casino a player, your income stream begins and will never end! For the entire life of the player, all deposits are carefully monitored and with every deposit your player makes, your account will immediately and automatically be credited. You will constantly receive a flow of money from that player. An easy, fast, and steady, residual income for life. No limits, no expiry dates, no comparison!
High Roller Casino offers accurate online stats updated daily. We also send payments religiously on the 7th of each month for the previous month. We have never missed a single payment. Our reputation is impeccable.
Simply by signing up and participating in our affiliate program, you will OWN a piece of an online casino. With absolutely nothing to worry about except sending players. It's as simple as that.
The number of top tier members our program was designed for is limited. In order to lock your lifetime residual income at 25%, you must sign up today. Affiliate rates are subject to change without notice. Inquire about becoming a master affiliate today!
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